4′ Watergarden With Bronze Mirror

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4' Watergarden With Bronze Mirror

Your guests will be spellbound when they enter your home or office and experience the 4′ Watergarden with Bronze Mirror. This ornate four foot tall water feature consists of a frame with the look of weathered stone holding a tempered bronze mirror. Three gallons of water cascade down the mirror at any rate you choose (thanks to an adjustable flow valve), creating a spectacle and sound that is both relaxing and captivating at the same time. There is even a submersible accent light and silk plants to place around the basin to complete the look.

While our water fountains are quiet and compact enough to fit well into an indoor space, they are durable enough to be installed outdoors, too. These water fountains install easily, as well. They should take less than half an hour to set up, indoors or out, with no special tools or skills. This fountain can be set on any level surface or wall mounted.

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