Water Trellis – 4′

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Water Trellis - 4'

The Water Trellis fountain combines classical design components with the elements of nature to create a blend that captivates the eye and calms the spirit. The antique copper colored frame surrounds the green tempered glass. The intricately-designed trellis provides an excellent frame for climbing plants, if you choose to plant them near the basin at the bottom. The six foot height makes these water fountains small enough to be incorporated into the interior design of a home or office while still large and durable enough to command attention when placed outdoors.

The Water Trellis comes with everything you need for installation, from the submersible pump to the decorative river rocks. You can install it easily in less than 30 minutes with no special tools. Our water fountains bring comfort and relaxation to any space. The sound of the water cascading down the glass to the polished rocks below has a natural calming effect, and the added humidity the fountain puts into the air can give it a crisper, cleaner feeling. Add a few plants and you’ve a created a beautiful, natural, oxygenating air treatment device, right in your living room or office.

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